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Concert Review: Frankie Cosmos at The Loving Touch

Frankie Cosmos

by Angela Brooks

Frankie Cosmos has been the chatter of 20-somethings for quite some time now. I kept hearing the name in conversation with indie college students and my curiosity grew with each mention. I assumed it was just a girl doing a solo act, but it’s actually a girl with a proper backing band.

The lead singer’s name is not actually Frankie Cosmos as it turns out, it’s Greta Kline. The 22-year-old from New York has been releasing music for a few years now, previously under pseudonyms “Ingrid Superstar” and “Little Bear.” Frankie Cosmos’s second album, Next Thing, was released earlier this year.

The first song of the night “Floated In” got everyone tapping their feet and set the tone for the night. I was giggling to “If I Had A Dog,” as it’s just about Greta wanting a dog to make herself happy, which I suppose anyone can relate to. Commonly categorized as indie pop, their songs are comprised of what young adults of the 21st century could resonate with: love, growing up, heartbreak, and wanting a dog.

The floor of The Loving Touch was filled with 15 to 25 year olds softly singing every lyric with Greta, as she sang them out in the same manner. The crowd may have not been the wildest I’ve seen but they were quite dedicated. As Greta tuned her guitar between songs, the crowd hung on every word of her corny Knock-Knock jokes.

One of my favorites:
“Knock, knock”
Who’s there?
Who who?
“Who whom*”
(The crowd groans collectively)

Despite gems like this, the crowd didn’t walk out – that’s dedication.

Frankie Cosmos zipped through over 20 songs in what seemed to be only 20 minutes of stage time. They ended the set with a song called “Young.” It’s a song about how blog writers create an unrealistic persona of Greta, and the band, specifically to appeal to the indie crowds, which seems to be a problem these days. We all wanted more, but I suppose we’ll have to wait until the next time. I wouldn’t be surprised if the crowd doubles in size when they roll into Detroit again. This word-of-mouth band T continues become more relevant in the independent, dream-pop scene.

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