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Concert Review: EZTV at El Club

by Chloe Seymour

Like most Michiganders, once the temperature dips anywhere below 40, I start instantly questioning my love for the Great Lakes State and metaphorically shake my fist at my ancestors for choosing a partial-tundra to settle in when they made the trek here. Thanks, guys.

Luckily, bands like EZTV visit our practically-polar-bear-friendly region when we need it most. They brought their quietly sunny tunes to El Club, opening for Ultimate Painting on Saturday night. Even though the trio hails from a similarly-frozen part of the country, their New York City style mixed with slowed down rifts felt almost tropical.

EZTV are like the Beach Boys, meets a more psychedelic Rooney (Sidenote: holy shit, remember Rooney?!) Or, more specifically, EZTV would be playing during a quiet night in where you’re hanging out in a friend’s basement. And then hey, they just remembered they have some shrooms upstairs you guys can do.

This slowed-down sound is obvious on songs like “The Light“. In the song, the guys quietly break down what sounds like an innocent love affair. It could easily play at your next small shindig or be the song you listen to right before you fall asleep tonight.

It’s not get up and dance music, or party music. It’s quiet, but strong, and feels familiar – the type of tunes we all need from time to time.

“Quiet psychedelic music for a low-key basement hangout night -we’ve all been there.”

Going to go make that phrase into an official Spotify playlist title right now – EZTV will be the first group I add.

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