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Concert Review: Eve 6 at St. Andrew’s Hall – 12.7.18

eve 6

by Katie Laban

It’s been twenty years since the release of Eve 6’s self-titled debut album and they are touring the country with all three original band members back together to celebrate that fact. Max Collins, Jon Siebels, and Ben Hilzinger, better known as Eve 6, played St. Andrews Hall in Detroit for their 20th Anniversary Tour.

The band performed their self-titled album in its entirety from beginning to end for longtime fans, and ones just nostalgic for the good ol’ days of their hit songs, “Inside Out” and “Leech.” These guys have been performing together for a long time and they just like to have fun on stage, which is apparent by how much they dance around and interacted with each other and the crowd. Collins and Hilzinger shared a microphone often as they sang during the show and at one point after they finished a chorus, Collins leaned over to kiss Hilzinger on the cheek and gave the crowd a huge smile causing everyone to cheer. They have fun, they know their music like the back of their own hands, and they played as if was 1998.

Hearing the self-titled album in its entirety was a really cool experience. Yes, for the last 20 years, we’ve all heard the songs a lot, but it’s a whole new way of hearing an album you grew up with played live exactly how it is on the recording. It was a once in a lifetime show, and that’s what Eve 6 gave their fans at St. Andrew’s Hall in Detroit.

Somme ( and Party Nails ( supported the band.

Eve 6

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