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Concert Review: Dinosaur Jr at Saint Andrew’s Hall

Dinosaur Jr

by David Gimpel

Indie rock heavies Dinosaur Jr. brought their A-game into Detroit. They played to a packed house at St Andrew’s Hall in continuing support of last year’s superb offering, Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not. J Mascis and company didn’t say much, but they didn’t have to… they let the music do all of the talking.

Since the reformation of the original Dinosaur Jr. lineup in 2005, they have been consistently dropping new albums and improving their craft. Their live shows are living proof that they’re still the real deal.

Blistering through a set composed of mostly new material, the trio did an excellent job of using the extra spaces to weave in stellar tracks from their catalog, Juxtaposing old and new to maximum effect. All of it awash in the signature face-meltingly, delicious guitar sound fans have come to expect and cherish.

The stage banter was kept to a minimum, as the band has earned that right to just go up on stage and let it rip. Even the stage production was minimal – just stacks of amps to give the crowd what they want.

Highlights of the night included some tracks that J Mascis recorded without the original line up. “Feel The Pain” and “Start Choppin’” feel right at home with all of their classics. Ending the night with the crowd-pleasing cover of The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven!” everyone left the night with their ears ringing!

It’s incredibly reassuring that while some things change, the straightaway, driving rock and roll of Dinosaur Jr has not. And, judging by this night’s performance, it won’t any time soon. That is decidedly for the benefit of us all.

Dinosaur Jr at St. Andrew's Hall Detroit

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