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Concert Review: Cloud Nothings at El Club

Cloud Nothings

by David Gimpel

Cloud Nothings may be the one thing that The Drew Carey Show was singing about in their theme song, “Cleveland Rocks”. However, the show at El Club proved to the Cleveland band that Detroit rocks harder!

Cloud Nothings are on the road in support of their fourth, and most focused album to date Life Without Sound. This album, and tour, the band are back as a four piece (four must be the magic number for this band). Followers of the band will know Dylan Baldi started recording albums by himself in his parent’s basement. The addition of their new guitar player, Chris Brown, gives the band more depth and noise, both live and on record.

They opened the show with their song “Pattern Walks” off of their excellent third album, Here And Nowhere Else. It set the tone of the evening with the furious breakdown that could make Sonic Youth jealous. Throughout the night, every time the band would go into a noise jam, the crowd went nuts. The kids in the front didn’t take long to start moshing and crowd surfing.

Cloud Nothings

Cloud Nothings’ stage banter was kept to a minimum as they let the songs do the talking. They played nearly every song off the new upbeat record, while filling fan favorites in the setlist. You could really tell the band has a great chemistry together, and the energy they played with resonated really with the crowd.

The final song of the evening was the highlight when they brought out a member of the Detroit band Protomartyr, Jon Casey, for his birthday along with a piñata. Needless to say, once the band started Attack On Memory’s album cut, “Wasted Days”…that piñata did not survive long. The piñata was thrown around like a rag doll, and the crowd broke into the biggest mosh pit of the night. The song tested out what El Club was made of, with strobe lights nearly getting burnt out. All while, the band broke down to a krautrock rhythm with the bass, keeping every intact while the guitars washed in noise, only to bring everything back together again. A chaotic way to end a wild night.

If you have yet to check out Cloud Nothings, or a show at El Club, I recommend you do, it will be well worth the price of admission.

Pattern Walks
Modern Act
Sight Unseen
Now Here In
Stay Useless
Darkened Rings
Enter Entirely
Psychic Trauma
Things Are Right with You
Internal World
I’m Not A Part Of Me
Realize My Fate

Fall In
Wasted Days (with Jon from Protomartyr)

2 thoughts on “Concert Review: Cloud Nothings at El Club

  1. This band was originally a 4-piece and was only a 3-piece for the last album, “Here and Nowhere Else” and the tour that followed. Also, the singer’s name is Dylan Baldi, not Steven Baldi. – Concerned SUPER-FAN

    1. Yikes. Sorry about that, bad mistake by us. Thanks for correcting us without the typical “you guys suck!” internet venom.

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