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Concert Review: Bryce Vine at The Shelter – 2.14.19

by Colin Roedel

Rising singer songwriter Bryce Vine stopped in Detroit to celebrate his Valentine’s Day at The Shelter by doing something he truly loves: performing.

Vine flipped on the charisma and energy the second he stepped on stage, keeping the sold-out crowd dancing all night. The strobe lights and overall production was something in itself. It made the small space feel like a much bigger venue and added to the catchy rhythm of his songs. His style could be described as west coast beach music meets a house party. My personal favorite song is “Glamorama,” which is most definitely slept on.

We spoke with Vine before his show, see the full interview

We asked Vine to touch on his hit single, “Drew Barrymore,” titled after the Hollywood actress. Released independently in November 2017, it quickly gained traction and ended up going platinum. Of course, I had to ask if he ever heard back from her in regard to the song, in which he jokingly replied “No, she hasn’t called lately.”

He followed up, “I hope she would enjoy it and she would feel flattered by it. I used her as an example of a kind of girl, a special kind of person.” He explained how he wanted to write a song about a girl, but one that was about more than just looks, something he found surprisingly difficult. “She didn’t sue me, so that’s good!” joked Vine.

The song was bit of a “Frankenstein project” between Vine and rising star Julia Michaels. “I made the beat one day and wrote the verse lyrics.” For months, he was trying to find the right hook for the project. He found a voicemail from Michaels, who at the time was still a writer. The memo? The ever so catchy hook, “You’re the next Drew Barry, and I want more.”

“I thought to myself, damn that kinda works,” recalled Vine, and indeed it did.

I asked after years of making music if he had ever expected “Drew Barrymore” to be the one to get radio play. “You hope every song is that song, right?” responded Vine. “I didn’t know. There’s no way to prepare for the success of a song like ‘Drew Barrymore.’ I knew it was good, that’s what I was focused on.” He followed up, “You hope people find a way to make it about themselves or about or someone that they love.”

Vine’s new album, Carnival, is expected to drop within the next few months. “It’s a bunch of different kinds of songs. There’s songs about romance with the ones you love, there’s songs about screwing up a great relationship, and songs about how I see the world,” shared Vine. He even included a song that he hopes will be a first dance at weddings. “I think I made a body of work that people can play and have it become a soundtrack to their life.”

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