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Concert Review: Black Pistol Fire at The Shelter

Black Pistol Fire

Talk about your counter programming! On a night in which Queen Bey was gyrating on stage at Ford Field, two-piece blues rock face-melters Black Pistol Fire were busy slamming heads around the basement of St. Andrew’s Hall.

What makes both Queen Bey and Kings BPF special is their devotion to their performance – you’re going to get one hell of a show. We’ve all seen what Beyonce can do on a big stage when she stole the Super Bowl performance from Coldplay, making that her second halftime performance in three years. Beyonce is without a doubt one of the most popular shows for a reason, she earned it. Also working just as hard to earn their popularity is Black Pistol Fire.

It would’ve been easy for Black Pistol Fire to plow through their set and move on to the next city based on the sparse attendance at The Shelter. However, rather than relying on the crowd to feed them energy, Kevin McKeown continued coaxing everyone to get on his level. They ripped through their first couple songs, McKeown “explored the space” on stage then implored: “C’mon. We’re gonna have a good time tonight. Move on in,” as everyone moved in tighter to the stage and started to buy in. The crowd turned the corner from being skeptical, to being locked, loaded and ready to rock.

Black Pistol Fire

McKeown continued to pull more out of the crowd, asking everyone to be honorary members of the rhythm section by clapping their hands and stomping their feet. It turned out to be a futile attempt to keep up with Eric Owen’s bone rattling drum beats. Owen was the only person in the room up to the challenge of matching the blinding energy of McKeown. Luckily for the crowd, Owen and McKeown were who they paid to see.

Black Pistol Fire don’t allow a passive concert experience. Between the red-line levels of energy, the catalog of blazing tracks, and their amazing stage presence, they offer a concert experience that’s second-to-none, including Queen Bey.

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