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Concert Review: The 1975 at Meadow Brook

Matty Healy

The insanely interesting frontman for The 1975, Matty Healy, has become even greater in our eyes after their performance at Meadow Brook Amphitheatre .

Armed with an incredible voice, brilliant lyrical content, and frontman confidence that rivals the best in the business, Matty Healy was full-on Rock Star for the capacity crowd. Unlike most frontmen though, Healy is bizarrely self-aware of the perception both the media and music fans have of him, but rather than let it get to him, Healy plays into it and fuels the fire even higher.

The 1975 jumped immediately into on of their latest singles, “Love Me”, to get the night going. “Love Me” is a tongue-in-cheek anthem of what the media perceive a frontman like Healy would be saying in not so many words as the lead singer for the glam-ish rock group. A perfect way to start the evening and to shove it in all of our faces that he is well aware of what we think he is.

Matty Healy Detroit

Perhaps the most credible and interesting moment of the night was when Healy told the crowd to put their phones away, because “This song is going to be a lot more impactful as a memory in your mind than any fucking phone recording could be.” YES! Thank you Mr. Healy, you get it. These are moments you have to experience with everyone else in attendance to truly appreciate, not record and share with people that aren’t even with there. Surprisingly, nearly everyone listened and pocketed their cell phones for the duration of the song. And he was absolutely right, it was easily the most memorable moment of the night. The experience of just enjoying what The 1975 performed and not worrying about how the photo or video will turn out was a fantastic exclamation point on a memorable evening. Healy gets it, and frankly, he always has.

The frontman of any band is always, for better or worse, the focal point of the group. Sometimes they go off the rails with their unearned sense of self-worth, sometimes their ego is what will actually submerge stardom for a band, but not Healy. Matty Healy is well aware of the perceptions you have of him, and nearly all of them are dead wrong.

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Setlist (via
Love Me
Heart Out
So Far (It’s Alright)
A Change of Heart
She’s American
Loving Someone
Somebody Else
If I Believe You
The Sound

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