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Concert Preview: Vance Joy at The Fillmore

Preview: Vance Joy @ The Fillmore – March 22nd

Interesting fact: Vance Joy has written a bunch of songs that are not “Riptide.”  

Shocking news, I know. What’s even more shocking is his other songs are just as good, if not better, than the smooth, finger-popping radio hit that’s been tattooed in our ears.

Pull up Vance Joy on Spotify or pirate his latest album, Dream Your Life Away, from your favorite torrent site (anything to avoid paying for music), and you’ll find a collection of indie-folk jams as pleasing on your ears as the torrent was on your wallet. As radio friendly and “happy” as the album sounds, it’s not shallow garbage that’s usually synonymous with radio pop music. You get a deep perspective from an artist who has struggled to get where he is but appreciates every second of it. There isn’t a choice between interesting & meaningful or pleasing & fun – it’s both. Wait, I mean all four…I guess? Numbers confuse me. Anyways, you can be sure that interesting, meaningful, pleasing and fun will all be on display when Vance Joy brings his vast joy to Detroit on March 22, at The Fillmore.

An overwhelming theme for Vance Joy is that life might be kind of shitty at times, but it’s going to be fine if you believe it will. What a perfect message for the curly-haired, Aussie folk-star to bring into a dreary Detroit night emerging from the miserable winter, straight into the always-optimistic spring. It’s springtime for Detroit, literally and metaphorically, it might be bleak now, but keep moving forward and stay positive, it’s going to get better.

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