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Concert Preview: Twin Peaks playing the Blind Pig

by Angela Brooks

Back in December, Chicago based band, Twin Peaks blessed us with their presence at the popular Detroit venue, El Club. Their third album Down in Heaven had been released earlier in 2016, and the guys were still feeling the buzz off being able to perform their new songs live, and so was the crowd. Twin Peaks are garage rock n’ roll, with modern punk twists, and oh do they get the teenagers of the Midwest moshing like you’ve never seen! Cadien, Clay, Colin, Conner and Jack certainly feed off of the audience energy. With crowd surfers left and right, the band had to get out the way of a foot, or a random flailing hand quickly, or risk getting smacked. Do not enter the pit unless you want to get hit…or a bloody nose. Now they’re back in Michigan doing a mini-tour with Post Animal. Their 3 dates cover: Lansing, Holland and Ann Arbor. We will be seeing them on February 18th at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor. If it was anything like their show, you won’t want to miss it.

Check out our Photo Album from their show at El Club

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