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Concert Preview: The Darkness at Saint Andrews Hall October 21

The Darkness

By Justin Trudell

Last time The Darkness came to Detroit, their performance included lead singer Justin Hawkins riding the shoulders of a security guard through the crowd as he smoked a cigarette while playing a 4-minute guitar solo… and that was just the opening song. Needless to say, The Darkness put on a spectacular live show and lucky for us, they are back in Detroit October 21st at St Andrews Hall.

We have all heard their biggest hit, “I Believe in a Thing Called Love,” sung on karaoke night at Sneakers in Ferndale by drunken amateurs more than we can count, and frankly, still love it. The enjoyment of a man rolling 11 ironic PBRs deep nearly rupturing a testicle trying to match the high octaves of Mr. Hawkins never gets old. This may come as a surprise to many, but The Darkness have indeed made music after their nut-smashing anthem, and its pretty damn good.

Released in May of 2015, Last of Our Kind is the fourth studio album by the British hard rock band The Darkness. The standout single is “Open Fire,” a track that encompasses all The Darkness are about: whimsical imagery, shredding guitars and simple yet infectious beats.

The title-track, “Last of Our Kind,” starts off as acoustically, reminiscent of The Who’s Pinball Wizard before jumping off an acoustic-cliff and landing in power-chord bay…what? Anyways, despite my terrible attempt at literary imagery, this is a great track with an equally great video. It features the signature Hawkins operatic chorus squeals

The album has been described as “Medieval Rock” by lead man Justin Hawkins. So it comes as no surprise the first track was titled “Barbarian,” a Viking tale told only as ridiculous over-the-top rock can. But, that’s who The Darkness are, a throwback, 70s glam-rock band that doesn’t take themselves too seriously, while still rocking and having a memorable time.

Part theatrical performance, part face-melting rock show, all fun. The Darkness has a great time on stage and make sure you have a great time in attendance. Every show provides at least three “wow” moments you have never seen from a rock band, and probably will never see again. They truly are the last of their kind.

St Andrews Hall- October 21: BUY TICKETS HERE

Listen to the new album here

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