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Awards for MOPOP Festival 2016 – The Mopeys

Mopop Awards

by Justin Trudell

The small and mighty MOPOP Festival 2016 has come to an end. It was an exciting two days of music on the Detroit Riverfront. We laughed, we drank, we sweat through our shirts, and it was an event we won’t forget.

Since there were so many things to talk about, we wanted to narrow it down to just the best of the best. So, we present to you the Inaugural Mopey Awards! Without further ado, here are your winners.


The “Dead Horse” Award – For the story of the weekend goes to…
The Weather


Yes, it’s hot. You know what doesn’t make it better? Complaining about it. Props to MOPOP for having plenty of places for visitors to sit down and cool off.


The “Cypress Hill” Award – The most die-hard wannabe Rock Superstar goes to…
The Dude Rocking Leather Pants when it was literally 100 degrees out

That’s devotion to a cause. His cause: wannabe rock star! I wasn’t able to get a photo, but here’s an artist’s rendering of what he looked like.


The “Stroking Chin Emoji” Award – For the most puzzling decision goes to…
Matt and Kim not being the headliner

They had such a great set. Absolutely destroyed. The only thing that would’ve made it better is if it were under the cover of darkness. Nothing against M83, but Matt and Kim would’ve been a better choice to close out the weekend.


The “Pie Chart” Award – For “sounding better than it is” goes to…
Credit Karma Arcade

Mopop Arcade

Sure, on paper it sounded cool AF. A bunch of vintage arcade games we could play FOR FREE! However, after playing The Simpsons, Punch-Out, Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat 2, I quickly became very grateful of Xbox and its online capabilities.


The “Cheese Curds” Award – For “being better than it sounds” goes to…

MOPOP Awards

Some junker van was placed in the middle of the festival and attendees were encouraged to tag it with any message they wanted. It looked awesome! And, don’t tell anyone, but we hung out there longer than most just breathing it all in. Woooooooo!


The “Ariel Winter” Award – For the band I didn’t know anything about, but I can’t wait to see more of goes to…

Mopop Award

The Icelandic band played a rushed set on Sunday, but they are definitely a band to watch. My favorite thing about music festivals is walking over to a stage and falling head over heels in love with a band I’ve never heard of before.


The “Snark-nado” Award – For the sarcastic comment that seemed totally unnecessary goes to…

After seeing the variety of pianos that were transformed into works of art, we sent out a tweet teasing Joey Harrington and his time in Detroit. Eh, what can I say? We’re jerks sometimes. All in good fun.


The “Channing Tatum” Award – To the artist that would “Step Up” as a last minute replacement goes to…
Tunde Olaniran

MOPOP Awards

Dude is a local legend. The band Fidlar had to pull out due to a band member illness. Luckily, Tunde was able to fill their spot, and he did a marvelous job. Performing at the hottest moment of the afternoon no less. The beats shook the earth, while Tunde Olaniran’s vocals shook the heavens.


The “OG Maco” Award – For giving credit because “Bitch, you guessed it!” goes to…

Don’t mean to brag, but in our preview article for the Three Must See MOPOP Acts, we called out Matt and Kim and Shakey Graves, and they came through in a big way, stealing the show on Sunday. Along those same lines…


The “2007 New England Patriots 18-1” Award – Because you can’t win them all, goes to…
Father John Misty

MOPOP Awards

FJM was our other “can’t miss artists,” and his set just wasn’t great. I’ve seen him twice before and it was incredible. Which is why I was so excited to see him this weekend. But, it just didn’t deliver the goods. My suspicion was that we didn’t account for how much more exciting it is when he’s accompanied by his band, rather than solo as he was on Sunday. But, he’s still a great performer, and he gave us plenty of #FJMQuotes to tweet out.


The “OJ” Award – For the band that just killed it goes to…
Matt and Kim

Uh oh. #mattandkim just took the stage at #mopopfest this is getting #cray

A video posted by How Was It Detroit (@howwasitdetroit) on

Even a weird power outage/technical issue didn’t dampen their performance; in fact, it may have made it even better. Matt told us they would need to take a break to sort it all out, but Kim decided “F that,” instead we’d be having a giant dance party until everything got fixed. Confetti, balloons, giant beach balls and blow-up sex dolls went flying through the air during the nearly one-hour set. All of that, combined with an engrossing, non-stop, pulse-pounding set list made for a performance no one, even Matt and Kim, will soon forget.

See you next year!

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