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Album Review: One by Shallow Side

by Casey Schwochow

Mainstream radio may have it’s new poster boys in the Alabama band, Shallow Side. The band recently released it’s EP One and we here at HWID gave the six new songs a listen.

It’s apparent with the first two tracks of the album, “We Roll” and “Rebel”, that Shallow Side write some catchy rock songs. These two anthems show the strength of the band with great riffs and a total rock radio sound. The commercially viable strength comes from the songs having choruses that will have you singing along to them before you are even aware of it. Played enough times and these songs will be firmly stuck in your head.

The third track is a cover of “Renegade” by the classic rock band Styx. Covering a classic rock song from the 70’s may sound like a perfect recipe for mass consumption, but only if it’s done right. Fortunately, Shallow Side do a great job giving their own spin to the song, while maintaining true to the original version. Styx vocalist/guitarist Tommy Shaw was apparently impressed by the track and had some accolades to hand out to the band.

The track “Fight Or Flight” did not do much for me. The musicianship was good, but the complete structure of the song did not come together enough to make it stand out.

“Can You Hear Me” is another song that has a great sing along chorus that will have people shouting “Everybody lift your hands to the sky” along with vocalist Eric Boatright. All the elements come together with this track and I can easily see it as a hit single.

Yet another unique catchy chorus is delivered on the closing track, “Start a Fire”. Love the musical arrangement that brings many layers to this one.

I’m so glad this album made it’s way into my hands. It’s nice to hear a album with so many highlights to it. Eric Boatright is such an asset with his ability to belt out the fantastic choruses on the album. This guy can sing. The musical riffs can be credited to the band consisting of Cody Hampton on Bass/Guitar, Seth Trimble on Guitar/Keyboard and Heath Fields on Drums. They form the groove and melodies to make rock radio hits. It must be noted that there are seven others credited for extra instrumentation and vocals on the album. It’s layered at times with group vocals and effects and I’m sure this is where these extra individuals must play a part. Use whatever means necessary to make a good album, my friends.

A full length album release is expected from Shallow Side later this year, and you can include me as one who is looking forward to hearing it.

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