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Album Review: Erase Me by Underoath

Underoath - Erase Me

by Jordan Mahoney

It’s been almost a decade since Underoath has released new music, so when they announced a new album and a tour, old and new fans were more than thrilled. The album was produced by Matt Squire who has worked with other bands such as Ke$ha, Panic! At The Disco, Youngblood Hawke, and All Time Low.

The album definitely has a shifted sound from their previous work, but bands evolve and that’s exactly what they did. Vocalist Spencer Chamberlin said, “The only rule we had on this record was to reject the phrase we said about our previous records, ‘that’s not Underoath enough.'”

The album highlights the bands downfall and rebirth, substance abuse, along with a sort of disconnect from religion. The creation of this album was for the fans, but more importantly seems it’s for the band.

Although the album might not be exactly what fans are expecting, they certainly won’t be disappointed. With powerful lyrics, Chamberlin’s unique voice and screams, and the heavy yet not overbearing instrumentals we were highly impressed.

If you’ve dealt with substance abuse, heartbreak, or anything of the sort, the album is certainly one for you lyrically. I couldn’t help but to think “fuck you” about my ex while listening to “ihateit.” The last song on the album, “I Gave Up,” takes a kind of different turn from the rest of the album, but to me it closes it well and it seems as if that was the first part of the story, rather than the ending.

It Has To Start Somewhere
On My Teeth
Wake Me
Sink With You
Hold Your Breath
No Frame
In Motion
I Gave Up

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