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Album Review: Edge Of Free by Edge Of Free

by Casey Schwochow

The debut self titled studio album from Nashville band Edge Of Free was released on May 19, via digitally Sound Records, and we here at HWID gave it a spin.

The album has a powerhouse producer behind it, Toby Wright, who has worked with acts such as Alice In Chains, Korn, Tantric, and Metallica in his past. Edge Of Free contains an intimate collection of semi-autobiographical songs, spearheaded by guitarist John Hussey and vocalist Scott Sneddon. Depression and drug addiction are just a couple of the topics tackled on the album.

Edge Of Free is a stripped down rock album without the need of a over amplified guitar, or screaming vocals. Instead, you get solid rhythms from many acoustic driven tracks courtesy of John Hussey and Scott Sneddon. who is a unique vocalist that I would dare to compare to the late Chris Cornell. Cornell is actually thanked in the liner notes, and I’m sure that was due to some sort of vocal influence. Sneddon will sing dark melodies at times, but also belts out the high notes in the very same songs. Sneddon and Hussey are joined by bassist Chris Autry and drummer Steve Ebe on the album.

My favorite track off the album if the opening song “Blood Eagle“. It showcases the Edge Of Free sound with some moody acoustic rhythm that turns into escalating rock with a catchy chorus.

Track Listing:
1. Blood Eagle
2. Soul Of Your Grace
3. Pony
4. Higher
5. In My Time (Falling)
6. Autumn
7. Edge Of Free
8. Pushin’ The Needle

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