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If you’re pretentious with your musical tastes, this is NOT the site for you. We don’t care if you were into ______ before they got big. We don’t care if you think they went “corporate.”

We DO care about how you felt going to their concerts. Or what it’s like to be disappointed by their fourth album due to your unobtainable expectations or their unwillingness to expand on previous works. We care about the memory forever burned into your mind after you heard your favorite song played live for the first time, or the high you felt after leaving a pit you just shared with your best friends.

This is the mission of How Was It Detroit. We aren’t music snobs; we’re music blobs – as in we absorb it all. Then we tell you how it tastes and how it made us feel. Music should be fun, exhilarating, heartbreaking, or all of the above – it shouldn’t be exclusive.

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  1. Hey guys, I was wondering if you have any openings on your staff/team? Id love to review albums/Concerts for HowwasitDetroit. I’m open to all music genres and love the art.

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