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9 Underrated Guns N Roses Songs

guns n roses

Do you know where you are? You’re in the jungle baby!

We all know the mega-hits: “Welcome to the Jungle”, “Sweet Child O Mine”, “November Rain”, “Paradise City”, etc. And now that Guns N Roses are back together and playing Detroit, we wanted to give you nine songs you might not be familiar with, but you’ll love when you hear them live.

Night Train

We aren’t sure why Night Train isn’t played as much as all the other hits on classic rock stations. It’s classic Guns N Roses power rock.


The masters of the 8-minute long rock ballad did it again with “Estranged”. If you like “November Rain” (and we all do), then you’ll love “Estranged”.

Mr. Brownstone

What would a list of GnR songs be without references to drugs?! “Mr. Brownstone” joins a long list of awesome rock songs about rampant drug use.

It’s So Easy

Leave it to a massive rock band to write a song about how easy it is to hook up with women. Jealous much? Yes, yes we are.

Civil War

Surprising to most, Guns N Roses did indeed write songs that were about something more than sex and drugs.

This I Love

There’s no way you know this one, because it’s from the album turned punchline Chinese Democracy. Axl does have a knack for ballads, and this one is no exception.


Great song about looking back on the past and not dwelling on it. “Yesterdays have got nothing for me.”

Double Talking Jive

Killer guitar riff with the profanity of a George Carlin album. The best part of this clip is the shirt Slash is wearing. Hope he wears it at the show on Thursday.

Chinese Democracy

Speaking of Chinese Democracy. The title track to the album that seemed like it’d never be complete is actually pretty great. It wasn’t worth the 15 year wait, but what album is?

Enjoy the show! It’s the concert event 23-years in the making!

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  1. Yes as all those songs listed they are great to hear but it would be nice to have axle singing a full set instead of leaving the stage aft er t one or even two for the re s t of the band to fill in for him the Detroit show hasn’t been a disappointment though slash is amazing as a lays peace

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