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7 Songs For Your Easter Playlist

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Easter is this Sunday, and just like every year, we were completely confused by how it is determined which Sunday is Easter Sunday. Celebrate the rebirth of Jesus Christ with your family with a little help from us. We put together a playlist to make Easter dinner a little more exciting! Here are 7 songs for your Easter playlist. We “nailed it” with these tunes (too soon?).


Uprising – Muse

Politically charged, but we are going for “uprising from the dead” angle. Although, the Orwellian future Muse is referencing in this song might be more frightening than being buried in a cave and coming back to life. They make the Easter connection in the video when the teddy bear rises through the cement and goes on a rampage…just like Jesus did!


Jesus Walks – Kanye West

Oh Kanye, how do we love you and hate you so much at the same time. Looking back, none of us can be surprised Kanye would drop such a heavy song subject as his second single from The College Dropout. He is definitely one for the dramatics. Watch this video if only for Reverend Kanye West breaking it down at the 2:12 mark.


The Rising – Bruce Springsteen

Again, this is about something different all together, but the message of rising up is heard loud and clear. Heavy religious imagery in the video and with the lyrics. Huge points for a pretty great written by a rock legend late in his career. Bruce has always turned his live shows into religious experiences, so this seems appropriate for our list.


Hollywood Cemetery – Father John Misty

A song centered around death, plus the very first lyrics are “Jesus Christ,” – good enough for us. In true Father John Misty fashion we get the repetitive, “We should let this dead guy sleep.” Implying this “dead guy” is only sleeping and he will wake up soon. We see what you did there FJM, well played.


Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up) – Florence and the Machine

Florence and the Machine is a favorite of ours. We love everything about her and The Machine. This seems like a random song that happens to have a title that resembles Easter, but then you see Florence sit down for her own version of “The Last Supper” before her “final sacrifice.” More religious than we thought.


Show Me How To Live – Audioslave

This couldn’t be more religious if it tried. Audioslave take the aggression of Rage Against the Machine and apply some holy water to it. With a refrain like “Nail in my hand from my creator. You gave me a life now show me how to live,” this hard rock favorite belongs in a book of hymns.


White Rabbit – Jefferson Airplane

When your aunt spikes the punch with some acid, feel free to use this one as you are rolling around the church floor as the soothing tones of Grace Slick echo through your now possessed soul.


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