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6 Reasons Why You Have to See The Heavy in Detroit

The Heavy

by Justin Trudell

The Heavy have been pumping out slamming soul jams for almost a decade now. You may not be familiar with their name, but chances are you’ve heard one of their songs. They’ve played Detroit before, their songs have been in movies and commercials, and they made David Letterman a HUGE fan.

If you’re not a fan now, you will be after seeing them live at St. Andrew’s Hall on September 9th. And if you’re on the fence about getting a ticket, here are  reasons why you HAVE to be there.

“How You Like Me Now?”

By far their most popular hit, “How You Like Me Now?” performed on David Letterman, and they DESTROYED. Being an avid Letterman fan, I can honestly say I’ve never seen Letterman request a band to play the song again like he does for The Heavy. I can’t wait to hear how great this song will sound live.

New Album – Hurt & The Merciless

Hurt & The Merciless

The newest album from The Heavy is pretty great, we even reviewed it. They didn’t deviate too much from what has worked for them in the past. However, they had completely different life experiences to draw off of, which has made Hurt & The Merciless an incredibly unique album for The Heavy.


“What Makes A Good Man?”

Asking a question makes a great song for The Heavy. The soulful bellows from front man Kelvin Swaby, combined with the gospel-inspired backup singers and the subtle horns, send chills up and down your spine for the entirety of this track.


“Short Change Hero”

A slow and smooth soul track, that’s more subdued than their mega hits, but just as powerful. A Facebook poll shows I’m not the only one that absolutely love this deep-cut. There’s no way in hell we aren’t hearing it live.


“Long Way From Home”

Similar to “Short Change Hero,” The Heavy prove they have more than just slamming soul tracks to throw at us. Another deep-cut that slows it down a bit, this track has been one of my favorites since I first heard them. If they play this one, expect to hear me singing the loudest.


“Since You Been Gone”

The number one reason you have to see The Heavy? They’re STILL making great songs. “Since You Been Gone” is the first single from their latest album, and it’s just as good as everything they’ve made in the past. At first glance, I thought this was a cover of the Kelly Clarkson jam. Kidding. The Heavy would never cover a shitty pop song.

Friday night in Detroit with The Heavy is going to be a blast, I can’t wait.

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