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6 Drinking Songs for Pig and Whiskey

pig and whiskey

There’s a ton of old school drinkin’ songs, but what about modern music? We here at HWID are tired of the classic rock staples we are subjected to: “Have a Drink on Me“, “One Bourbon, One Scotch“, etc. With one of our favorite annual events coming up this weekend (Pig and Whiskey: Check out our list from last year), we wanted to share the best contemporary songs about alcohol abuse. ┬áTimes have changed, but our desire to get shitfaced never will!


“I Need A Dollar” – Aloe Blacc

Soulful and depressing at the same time from Aloe Blacc! A song about desperation and how the relief is getting drunk AF. Great line towards the end – “My good ol buddy whiskey keeps me warmer than sunshine.” Tragic and beautiful at the same time.


“Why’d You Only Call Me When Your High?” – Arctic Monkeys

An anthem for those of us that regret nearly every text we send after 2 a.m. Those beer googles turn into tequila texts once we get kicked out of the bar.


“S.O.B.” – Nathaniel Ratliff and the Night Sweats

Hand-clapping good-time tune. Not very subtle, either. “Son of a bitch! Give me a drink! If I can’t get clean, I’m gonna drink my life away.” Life goals.


“…But I Feel Like a Millionaire” – Queens of the Stone Age

We wouldn’t recommend this while you’re sipping on whiskey, but rather when raging on tequila. A kick in the teeth track with the chorus beginning, “Gimme Toro, gimme some more.” Our thoughts exactly.


“Two Fingers” – Jake Bugg

A super clever song about basically saying “Fuck off” to your past, but also two fingers is a how to measure a pour of whiskey. Well, back when Sinatra was having people killed it was.


“Icky Thump” – The White Stripes

What would a drinking list be without Detroit being properly represented? Well, probably the same as if it wasn’t actually. Also, “Drunk on a wagon to Mexico” is definitely how we imagine our Austin City Limits festival experience ending.

Enjoy the whiskey!

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