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5 Songs About the Devil for Your Halloween Playlist

Devil Tenacious D

by Justin Trudell

Halloween isn’t just about dressing like a kitten, a whore, or a whore-kitten; it’s about the scary things that go bump in the night and how much we love them…plus candy. The ultimate “bump in the night” is the creator of all things evil, that’s right, Satan himself! Here’s 5 songs about the Lucifer himself to put you in the…spirit (ha!) for Halloween this year.

What you won’t see on this list is the traditional classic rock staples we all know every word to. We try to be original here at HWID, so no “Sympathy for the Devil,” or the 45 songs from AC/DC about Hell and the Devil (though we love us some AC/DC), and definitely not going to see “Running with the Devil” from Van Halen. Hopefully you like these tunes, and you discover something new. Enjoy!

Band of Skulls – “The Devil Takes Care of His Own”

Great tune by a very much under appreciated band. We LOVE the first three albums from Band of Skulls…then things got a little weak. The last few albums didn’t suck, but they aren’t nearly as good as opening trifecta of ROCK they made. This video is quite entertaining, even though I have no idea what the fuck is happening. That guitar lick tho…

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – “Beat the Devil’s Tattoo”

You HAVE to stick with this song until the 1:20 mark when the distortion kicks you in the teeth. Pretty smooth rock ditty from a blues rock band who has been doing it for a while. They have a shitload of other great songs, but none of them are about the Satan, or at least not as good as this devil-themed track.

Kaleo – “Broken Bones”

Icelandic four-piece band who debuted in 2015 or so, but they sound like a 1940s black blues band. I ain’t mad about it. You can almost hear the track being chanted by a chain-gang in the Texas summer – “The devil’s gonna make a freeee man. The devil’s gonna set me free.” These dudes are legit. Dig deep on them.

The Rapture – “The Devil”

Funky as fuck! Unfortunately, you won’t be able to find much new stuff from The Rapture, they broke up a few years back. It’s a same, because they can dominate your ears for hours with funky rock shit. This is probably only their 10th best dance track. Loads of great music from these Brooklyn boys. GOOGLE IT!

Black Pistol Fire – “Speak of the Devil”

Dirty, filthy, blues guitar – the way it ought to be. This performance from Black Pistol Fire is something to behold. Speak of the Devil, they were just here in Detroit, we spoke with Eric Owen before their show. Read the interview here.

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