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5 Reasons You Need to See La Dispute at The Crofoot on 4.15

We could write a long thoughtful preview piece, getting into the weeds about La Dispute’s music and what it means. But everyone loves lists. So here’s a list AND videos to show why you should go to The Crofoot on April 15 to see La Dispute.

1. The New Album is Great

The newest album from La Dispute, Panorama, is currently at 82 on Metacritic. The new tracks from the fourth studio album are going to dominate the set list. And we all know every song is better live than it is in the recording studio. Speaking of which…

2. Their Live Shows Are a Riot…Almost Literally

I mean… just watch the video.

3. They’re Local-ish

La Dispute hail from Grand Rapids. We’re always down to support a Michigan band, but especially when it’s convenient.

4. We’re Going to Be There

HWID is going to be in the house. We got Anthony Sheardown taking some amazing photos. So when looking back at this show in a year, the photos we have will be way better than your memory.

5. The Venue is Amazing

If you’ve never been to The Crofoot, you’re missing out. Everything about it makes for a great show. The great beer selection, the outside patio, the incredible sound, just everything.

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