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5 Reasons Electric Forest 2018 is Going to Be the Best Yet

Electric Forest 2018

by Mikel OD Pfeiffer (Digital Racket)

Electric Forest is back again and better than ever!

Last year was my first year experiencing the magic of Electric Forest. You can look at the photos below from last year or read my posts and you’ll know I had an excellent time. The good news is I’m going back this year to take even more photos and posting more on why 2018 at Electric Forest will be even better!
How will it be better? Here are five good reasons:

1. The weather should be more cooperative

I know, unpredictable weather is Pure Michigan. But, if you remember last year, we had a pretty crappy start to summer with rain and lower temperatures. In 2017, on Weekend 1 there was heavy rain and even flooding at the festival. On Weekend 2, the rain made an encore appearance. This year, we have a nice start to summer, so I’m looking into my crystal ball and not seeing rain (or, at least no flooding).

2. Better planning for a better experience

There’s this saying that the more you do something the better you get at it. You gain experience and learn from your mistakes. Well, the same will hold true for EF, as they continue to work out better camping/parking, hold more curated events and have even more vendors.

3. Main Street is expanded

I kept meaning to visit Main Street last year, the street just before entering the main festival gates, but just didn’t see much going on. This year, Main Street will have a 24-hour Cereal Bar, a Bingo area and a place to create your own crafts called “The Brainery.” Main Street is definitely on my agenda for this year!

4. Places of interest will be easier to find

Part of the fun of Electric Forest is exploring and being surprised by an unexpected sight. However, it can be frustrating to hear about a place and never find it! Last year it took me two days to find The Observatory and the Silent Disco stages. There were art installations I heard about but could never find, either. This year, I’m giving in and just downloading the app. Maps and set times on your phone make it easier, but then again, sometimes it’s fun to get lost.

5. Cut Copy is playing both weekends

Cut Copy f*cking rules!

If you haven’t bought a wristband, there are still GA and other wristbands available for both weekends.

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