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3 Must See Mo Pop Festival Acts

Mo Pop Festival

3 Must See Mo Pop Festival Acts

Detroit’s answer to the summer concert blitz is the small, but mighty, Mo Pop Festival. The 2016 edition takes place on July 23 and 24 in West Riverfront Park, in beautiful Detroit. A baseball crazy city with one of the best electronic music festivals in the world, Movement, finally has a respectable companion music festival in Mo Pop to get the memories flowing.

This year, Mo Pop has announced yet another strong lineup of the best musical acts touring today. Here are the three acts you must see at Mo Pop festival this year.


Matt and Kim

Matt and Kim won’t allow you to have a mediocre time. It’s impossible to watch the indie pop duo passively, I mean, unless you are so high you “have no idea what’s going on right now“. So apart from Towelie, Matt and Kim get everyone in the mood to party, long after their set is over. Matt Johnson channels the keyboard banging of Jerry Lee Lewis, while Kim Schifino spends half her time banging her drums sitting behind them, and the other half standing on top of the drum kit dancing. With a set list chalked full of dance anthems, you’ll want to make some room to unleash your own moves.

Get there early or crowd surf your way stage side.


Shakey Graves

The Austin, Texas blues-folk rocker began to turn heads early as a one-man band with the soulful voice. Armed with only a guitar, kick drum and tambourine, Shakey Graves wrote some of the most catchy jams you can slap your knee to. Shakey has since recruited a drummer and guitarist to help elevate his sound to a different level, a more complete and complex level. But, what makes him so unique as a performer is his jovial personality.

Shakey Graves has a genuine modesty and great appreciation for the moment. He likes to talk with the crowd, share funny stories about the inspiration for his songs, and he’s determined to get everyone involved in the good time he’s having. Shakey Graves carries himself with a genuine “I can’t believe I get to play music for a living”-type excitement that you can’t help but admire. The only thing he rocks better than his cowboy hat is his smile, and it’s quite infectious.

Be sure to check him out at Mo Pop Festival and rejoice in all the fun he is having.


Father John Misty

The antithesis of Shakey Graves, at least with on-stage persona, would be Father John Misty. While both are incredibly entertaining in their own right, Father John Misty is so truly unique that he can’t be missed. Father John Misty will often ramble to the crowd about the contempt he has for a variety of things. His antics range from telling the “jokester” in the video above that his request for “Freebird!!” is only slightly less funny than the actual song “Freebird”. He famously told the Masonic Temple crowd, “Alright, shut up,” before giving us an anecdote about a song. To telling us how much he hates mobile phone photos. Father John Misty told the Royal Oak Music Theatre crowd how he “gets an erection from cell phones being pointed at me,” at his show last year, which we have to imagine he was kidding about…right?

As entertaining as FJM is when the music stops, he’s even better when performing his setlist of dark, semi-twisted songs. He throws himself around the stage in a fit of rage, while he howls out the words to the sexual charged “Chateau Lobby #4 (in C For Two Virgins).” Father John Misty has a flare for the dramatic and an eye for the ridiculous.

A truly once in a lifetime performer you have to see to believe and you can catch him at Mo Pop Festival.

Mo Pop Festival 2016

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