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13 Song Mini Mansions Playlist Before Their Show at The Loving Touch

by Justin Trudell

You know that feeling when you go to a show for your favorite band of all time at the best venue in Detroit and the opening band fucking blows you away? Yeah, that happened last August when Mini Mansions opened up for Arctic Monkeys at Masonic Temple. I can’t be alone in expressing my admiration in for Mini Mansions, right? RIGHT???

Anyways, if you’re like me you’ll be thrilled to hear Mini Mansions are coming back to Detroit to headline a show on June 6 at the wonderful venue in Ferndale we know as The Loving Touch.

How would I describe their sound, you ask? Dude, I dunno. Throw Arctic Monkeys, Queens of the Stone Age and The Beatles into a blender with a pinch of your favorite recreational drug, I guess. We could’ve just done a playlist, but since the music videos from Mini Mansions are so good, only using the music would be tragic.

Just listen to our these 13 bangers and decide if you love them or not. Either way, we’ll be there June 6 😉


Dark lyrics with a smooth poppy sound, this is the embodiment of what Mini Mansions are all about. Alex Turner makes an appearance looking as sharp as ever.


Such a catchy tune off the new album, Guy Walks Into A Bar… Bonus points for their minimalist dance routine in the video. Shoulder shimmys for days!

Works Every Time

This is my favorite Mini Mansions song. Honestly, it’s harder to choose a favorite than I would’ve originally thought. But this one just has the peaks and valleys I always dig.


Kind of a frightening video if I’m honest. But that’s what makes these guys so damn cool. Pop music freakout.

Mirror Mountain

When they opened for Arctic Monkeys, this is the song that totally blew us away. These boys GET DOWN to this song. It’s amazing to watch. Also, yet another drug song. I wonder what drugs you associate “mirrors” and “mountains” with… hmmmm. (Ps. Get me that blue suit Mike is rocking in.)

Cheap Leather

Nice retro 60s pop sound for the verse, then the chorus kicks in with a crazy fuzz and distortion to darken up that sunshine pop just a bit.

Death is a Girl

Airtight! (airtight). I dare you to listen to this and not feel more energized.

Midnight in Tokyo

The bassline feels incredibly familiar to the AM-era Arctic Monkeys tracks. You can see the collaboration these guys have with each other, and it’s fucking awesome.

Honey, I’m Home

That escalated quickly. The music video starts as a pleasant animation of some kind of 1950s nuclear family but drifts into an acid trip nightmare pretty quickly. Nice.

Hey Lover

Brilliant collaboration with one of our favorites of all time, Alison Mosshart. Highly doubtful she’ll be making a guest appearance at the show, but if so, we’d love to hear some stuff from The Dead Weather or The Kills.

Heart of Glass

Interesting cover of the Blondie track. It’s a bit slower than the original, and by “a bit” we mean record-player-melting-in-the-sun-like speeds.

Bad Things (That Make You Feel Good)

This feels like a punk rock song compared to the typical tempo of Mini Mansions. Lighter on the distortion as well. Bummed there isn’t a sick ass video of this track yet.

Sherlock Holmes

Don’t say “it’s elementary”
Don’t say “it’s elementary”
Don’t say “it’s elementary”
Don’t say “it’s elementary”
Don’t say “it’s elementary”
Seeing Mini Mansions live at The Loving Touch – it’s elementary, my dear Watson… (fuck!)


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