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12 Arctic Monkeys Deep Cuts You (Probably) Won’t Hear at Their Detroit Show

Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys have ‘sploded in popularity since their 2013 game changing album AM.┬áThe Sheffield foursome have been around for over a decade making indie rock hits, but it took the 2013 release for most of the States notice. Some fans have been on board since the beginning, some have only recently joined… who gives a shit? To all fans we say “Welcome.”

The show at Masonic Temple on August 1 in Detroit has been sold out for months and we couldn’t be more excited! So we decided to share 8 deep cuts from Arctic Monkeys that we absolutely adore… even though we won’t be hearing them live (probably).

Stop The World I Wanna Get Off With You

This one confuses us. “Stop the World” is an INCREDIBLE song, but it was relegated to B-side status to the single “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?” Totally should have been included on AM. It’s the same tone, harmonies and rhythm as the rest of the tracks, only this has a sexual innuendo in the title, and who doesn’t love that?

Who the Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys?

The groundwork for their self-awareness was laid before the release of their first album. WTFAAM starts as a poppy, light-hearted number, then takes a dark and angry turn once we get the scream from Alex Turner to “Bring on the backlash!” It’s been well over five years time, and we’re very aware of who the fuck Arctic Monkeys are.

Temptation Greets You Like Your Naughty Friend

Another B-side, this time from their second album Favourite Worst Nightmare. This one takes the boys down the hip-hop road rather than their punk rock route of the debut album. It’s complete with all the clever lyrics we’re used to from Turner – “keep your charm where I can’t see it/ and your hands where I can.” Brilliant. This track also features a guest appearance by Dizzy Rascal, giving even more hip-hop credibility.

Despair in the Departure Lounge

Simple and beautiful. Despite only the strumming of a guitar as the musical background, this track has a hidden energy that comes through thanks, to the lyrical melody. Turner does these break-up songs so well. We all can secretly appreciate that he’s had his heart broken so many times.

Joining the Dots

It’s a little more obvious why this track wasn’t included on their third album Humbug, but rather left to a B-Side, it definitely doesn’t fit the darker tone of the rest of the album.

The Bakery

“The Bakery” uses those spacey guitar effects to make this whole song feel like a wonderful dream. Just thinking of all the amazing smells of a bakery and the feeling of meeting a new beautiful girl in there too? Heaven.

Chun Li’s Flying Bird Kick

Instrumental! Apart from the intro of Turner sadistically growling “Show us your special move!” which is followed by a super attractive coughing fit, this is lyric-free. The length is just perfect and they feature enough changes to make it a great listen, even if you were more of a Ryu type of person.

Leave Before the Lights Come On

“Leave Before The Lights Come On” used to have a pretty regular slot in Arctic Monkeys’ setlist. It was an EP release that everyone seemed to love, and most fans still do. But, they don’t have room for it anymore it seems. Bonus for this having a pretty great music video as well.

Choo Choo

Hope aboard the pain train! The premise of a song about a train is pretty silly. However, Arctic Monkeys make it great with this rock groove. It’s still goofy, but fuck it, let’s rock.

If You’ve Found This, It’s Probably Too Late

Downright haunting violin intro is like something out of a Dracula movie from the 1930s. After the string sting at about :23 seconds, an rush of guitar distortion and angry drumming takes over. This banger clocks in at about 1:20, which is perfect.

Perhaps Vampire is a Bit Strong, but…

“Perhaps Vampires is a Bit Strong But…” is the only entry on this list that’s an actual album track, so this isn’t a very deep cut. It is an incredible track, though. The anger they have towards all the doubters and supposed friends comes through loud and clear.

You and I (ft. Richard Hawley)

They teamed up with Richard Hawley to create “You and I,” which helped produce one of the best lines in a song I can ever remember. Hawley says “I had a woman/She went away/And now I’m lonely… (takes a drag on his cigarette) Fuck it.” It’s a masterpiece of not giving a fuck.

Hope you enjoyed our list as much as we’re going to enjoy seeing Arctic Monkeys at Masonic Temple on August 1!

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