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12 Albums You Need on Record Store Day

12 Albums You Need on Record Store Day

Record Store Day is to hipsters what St. Patrick’s Day is to gingers. 364 days out of the year, they’re shunned by society – “There is no place for you here, you arrogant ass. GO AWAY and take your neckbeard with you!” But for one day a year, they’re highly sought after. April 16 is that day. It’s the day when the hipsters can unleash all of their smugness on the masses, and their little known facts that no one really gives a shit about can now see the light of day. Facts about how the butcher for Pink Floyd’s rhythm guitarist was the true inspiration behind some obscure B-side only “true fans” of Floyd have heard. On this day, those tidbits can be shared with the rest of society without judgement! We’ll regretfully be asking their advice on the latest vinyl offerings for Record Store Day 2016, as we’re subjected to their anecdotes of seeing bands play concerts at a VFW post “before they got big,” as the tradeoff for our Record Store Day ignorance. The thought of another conversation with a know-it-all music fan makes us shudder.

Fear not! We’ve put together a list of the 12 albums you NEED on Record Store Day to save you the pain and shame of engaging with the hipsters among us.

If you are unfamiliar with Record Store Day, here is a helpful link to give you some background on it.

To find a record store participating in the Metro Detroit area, Click Here.

Junior Kimbrough – I Gotta Try Ya Girl (Daft Punk Remix)

Junior Kimbrough and Daft Punk

Listening to this song just makes your feel as sweaty and dirty on a hot Mississippi summer afternoon as Mr. Kimbrough did when he wrote it. Believe it or not, that was meant as a compliment. Daft Punk added such a subtle, yet powerful remix to this track. Their influence takes away nothing and adds so much.  

Gerard Way – Pinkish & Don’t Try

Gerard Way

The mopey frontman from My Chemical Romance has written two new solo songs for us to enjoy, and both are pretty damn awesome. The Romance may be gone, but the creativity lives on.

21 Pilots – Double Sided (LIVE)

21 pilots

The boys of Twenty One Pilots are quite amazing live performers. The energy and emotion of the band and the excitement from the crowd is such a perfect match. Why wouldn’t you want to bask in a live performance of theirs on vinyl?

The Weeknd – The Hills Remixes

The Weeknd

After a YUGE, I mean YUUUUUUUGE 2015, it’s not just raging alcoholics that are “looking forward to the weekend” anymore. The remixes of his smash hit “The Hills” feature versions with guilty pleasure feminista Nicki Minaj and Detroit’s own Eminem.

Sex Pistols – Never Mind the Bollocks

Sex Pistols

The only studio album ever produced by Sex Pistols, yes, their ONLY album. Pretty remarkable to have a 12,000 word wikipedia devoted to a band that was only together for two and a half years. Never mind the bollocks though, listen for yourself and find out what all the fuss is about.

Madonna – Like a Virgin and Other hits


Dance party! I’m a man (theoretically) and not a particularly great dancer (aka, I’m white), but even I have to cut a rug when these Madonna songs start pumping. “Like a Virgin,” “Holiday,” “Lucky Star” and “Borderline”? Get into the groove and start dancing…NOW!

Carl Douglas – Kung Fu Fighting

Kung Fu Fighting

Decent song, kind of fun. But, in true snarky, asshole fashion, I’m asking we buy this because I think Carl Douglas needs the money. Considering the second song on this record is “Dance the Kung Fu,” something tells me the creative juices stopped flowing right after this song finished recording. Help him out. Buy the album.

Clint Mansell – Requiem for a Dream Soundtrack

Requiem for a Dream

For those of you that love to indulge in substances besides vinyl, here’s your movie. This soundtrack has been praised by many as one of the best ever, don’t make me find a reference, just trust me. I mean, just listen to the track “Lux Aeterna.” 

David Bowie – The Man Who Sold the World


Great album. RIP David Bowie.

Across the Universe – Soundtrack

Across the Universe

The movie sucked, but it was responsible for very interesting renditions on some classics from The Beatles. You even get Bono dropping in for his version of “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.” And their version on “Strawberry Fields Forever,” sheeeeit. It’s a must have album for any Beatles fan.

Wolf Alice – White Leather/ Leaving You

Wolf Alice

Nominated for the Mercury prize in 2015, these indie newcomers have released their B-side track “White Leather” as a special treat on Record Store Day.

Ravi Shankar – In Hollywood


Whoa, man. Like, free your mind. While you may not dig the sitar, it is widely regarded as the most difficult instrument to master, according to Rowdy Roddy Piper (RIP) (again I can’t find the quote, but trust me). And Ravi Shankar is regarded as a master of the sitar. Light some incenses and put this album on.

Check out the full list of what’s available on Record Store Day 2016!

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